Dakimakura Custom Print

We are now accepting custom print orders for dakimakura covers.

  • Material:
    Aqua Veil(アクアヴェール)
    *This is Fules’ trademarked signature 2-Way-Tricot fabric blend.

  • Size:
    50cm x 160cm

  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    12 covers per two-sided design

  • Shipping Methods Available:
    UPS (via International TA-Q-BIN), DHL (via sgx/Sagawa Express), EMS
    **The costs of shipping will be charged based on your location.

  • Payment Methods Available:
    Most major branded Credit Cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover)

  • Estimated Production Turnaround:
    Around 1 Month (This does not include shipping time to your destination)


We can communicate with you throughout the process in either Japanese or English.
If you wish to contact us using English, please be aware that translators such as DeepL will be used.

We will only be able to print designs that follow the rules and regulations set by Japanese law. Please contact us if you require further detail regarding our design requirements.

We are only responsible for goods up to the point where they are transferred to the courier or shipping service.
We are not responsible for customs issues (such as inspection, delays, confiscation, taxes etc.) that may arise after goods have been shipped.
Please consult the laws of your local jurisdiction for what products and items are allowable, as well as any taxes that you may be liable for.
If any issues arise from the shipping process, you (the customer) are responsible for any fees, costs, charges, taxes, and any contacts that need to be made to the relevant authorities required to remedy the situation.

For a detailed quote, artwork image templates, or any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
We can be contacted at the email address below, or through a direct message through discord.

[email protected]
Discord:fules_jp (Fules#4848)

アクアプレミア抱き枕カバー ファスナー